Welcome to Abu Dhabi heart, the Orientation Pearl, at Saraya Yas Khalidiya Restaurant, where the richness of the Eastern character is filled with hospitality and graciousness vocabulary heartfelt sincere .

Welcome to the Saraya Yas … in which it carries to you the equivalent taste and traditions of Lebanese cuisine as well as, it provides a Lebanese food experience with authentic luxury bouquets of dishes and delicacies.

Welcome to all our valued pioneers…. we have provided a selected list of much delicious range of alternatives gourmet dishes, and we have all choices available, which meet the tastes of everyone who wish to enjoy Lebanese dishes and Oriental appetite.

All this is presented amid luxury reception hospitality and soft music… and deluxe decorations charitable food increasingly new fun and joy.

Saraya Yas Restaurant assured to host a team of chefs with rich experience and global expertise, additionally, to the ability of providing all the modern and traditional cuisines … that satisfies all tastes with high aptitude and professionalism.

Therefore, it is alleged that Saraya Yas Restaurant embodies the common culture, not just between the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon, although between all Arab societies and countries, in which food represents an essential and important element.